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Crumble Digest #02

Second digest of Crumble, so what did happen last couple of weeks uh?

Grass Shader Polished

Now twitter embed is white, so cool!

So, the grass shader was polished to work on any surfaces and with any rotations so that means that I can put this on anything I want now!

I used a triplanar solution with 3 cameras following the player to get that effect in space.

You can see a more finished result here:

Trail Optimized

I realized 7 months later that the way I was doing decal and trail renderer was VERY badly optimized and I was actually instantiating a lot of particle emitters when the player is on the ground. I removed it and made my own particle emitter, and it only uses one emitter for the whole effect. It was a bit challenging to make it rotate depending on velocity and object initial rotation, but it now works like the old one but better!

I have 300FPS in the editor while playing and can play the game at 60FPS on my 12yo computer.

So the next demo is going to be smoother and playable with old computers I hope (not too old).

Mini planets

I've been working hard on making the hub world/Main menu and it's getting there, not yet finished because I wanted to add so much new features.

I added custom gravity and some little planets to explore and roam around. Don't get too far because you might not come back because of low gravity and infinite space and all that.

This is what the menu looks like right now, if you select "Level Selection" the rocket will launch and get to the planet in the background which is the new way of selecting levels!

Level Selection

So this is still a work in progress, but it's getting there.

You can select different levels and the planet will rotate automatically, it will give you a nice visual representation of what the theme of the level is, if it's in the jungle or in the lava etc...

Here is some progress on it:

I made sure to be able to rotate it with either a click of a mouse or a move on the joystick.


I'm happy to say that Crumble got featured on the exploration page of Gamejolt!

I've gotten more than 2000 followers from it, so that's very nice to welcome newcomers and to show them the world of Crumble and what the game is going to become! Visit the gamejolt page of Crumble if you have time, it's a very nice community!

I also got my game featured on IndieDB, you can see the entry of my game here.

And we're at more than 1.3K followers on Twitter which is amazing to me that the game got so much attention so fast! It really motivates me to keep working harder and better on the game and I perhaps on a new game after this which would be a dream coming true, being independant and living off my games!

As always don't forget to Wishlist Crumble and if you already have, please share it to your friends and family, it's a game for everyone!


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