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Crumble Digest #04

Another week another digest!

Crumble New Demo is out

Maybe you haven't heard about it but the new demo is out and I've been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks on it!

You can try it out and wishlist the game on Steam!

So let's list out all the new features that have changed or are new in this demo.

The player movement and camera

The player movement was tweaked a little to be more responsive and to fit the action style platformer I have going on. The camera was pulled back too and is wider so you can see more of the environment you're supposed to jump on.

The character is almost always in the middle of the screen as opposed to how it was on the gif before.

The new Character look and the collectables

The Main character has changed skin and is cleaner, the shader will change a final time to include the new one I've been working on for the multiplayer unlockable skins etc...

I took an approach very similar to what's been done in Slime Rancher on UE4.

For now those blobs are for collectable and weird turbine spinner thing only.

More Tongue Action

In the new demo there is a lot of tongue parkour in the second level.

This was a good opportunity for me to test the skills of new players to the difficulty of mastering the hook mechanic of crumble and I'm glad that a majority of the players who played it were able to use it properly.

Although there are still a too large number of people who feel that it's too hard to use and a bit awkward. So being the last feature of Crumble that needs tweaking i'm going to spend a large amount of time trying to implement ways to ease it for the player.

The avion part

I was a bit anxious to see how players would react to it, since it's way different from the original Crumble but it worked fine. The major problem for a lot of people including myself is that it's too boring and dull, so I might need to add explosions and multiple planes to jump on :)

All the extra fluff and stuff

Of course there are some other useless stuffs you can toy with in the demo such as the rocket loading screen that you can rotate with your joystick, the planet level selection that you can rotate too, more options in the menu and best time saved!

Compared to the first demo it's really a BIG change, and it's available for mac linux and windows.

What's the next milestone?

So I have one last demo to launch before the full game, it will include the local multiplayer and (maybe) a giant boss fight. So with that you will have the full unlockable skins system and the final hub world look.

Right now I'm working on something really exciting, a 2D crumble!

This will be part of the gameplay as a linear feature, you'll have to hope in grass portals to turn into a grass ball. or a mole.

As for the timeline of things, I think I can spit out the new demo in 2 months, so early december. And the final release of the game will be after new year, I really want this project to be 1 year long, but I know I might overshoot it to make it "perfect". Let's hope I get really productive towards the end!


Thanks for sticking with my updates and giving me feedbacks on the new demo. A lot of new people got interested into the development of crumble with the new release of the demo so that's nice to see. I'm finishing a lot of big features that took me ages to think about, and only started to have fun with all of them in various new levels.

Thanks for reading!


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