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Crumble Digest#06

Long time since I made one, I bring you some crumbly news about the game! And if you don't follow my twitter, you can read here some progress on Crumble.

2D Crumble Implemented

The big progress is the 2D mechanics that's been completed and implemented in the first levels, here is a video showing the transition:

And here a more polished version of it:

I can tell you that making those special levels are a real time sink but the effect and gameplay are worth the effort.

New Skins

The balls from Fling to the Finish join the battle!

It's really heartwarming that some good gamedevs want to be a part of my game in some way and I find it very fun to do. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to have something related to gamedev as a skin in Crumble, I would love to add new friends to the growing collection.

Vine System

I made a cool Vine system inside Unity to have some life in the level designs + it can be useful for the gameplay when you want to cross gape etc...

I made some dynamic platforms with it!

Coop Progress

The main features for the Party-game/Versus mode is done but it still needs to be refined before the last Crumble demo:

There are 2 types of game you can play as of now; Racing and Survival. Racing is self explanatory and Survival means you are 1 Vs 1 or 1 Vs 3 and the guy with the cannon tries to explode the others while they try and survive the longest. The better time wins :)

New Music Progress

I never talked about it anywhere except Twitter but I'm finally making soundtracks for (each) levels and I was a bit sceptical at first when learning the best way to approach this but finally I've come around and made some samples:

These are just a few of many, and unrefined for now. I'm still trying to search for the best sound and theme for each groups of level. But it's definitely more enjoyable for me to work on levels and test them when they have that OST made specifically for them.

Also a big thanks to my followers on Twitter, we are now more than 3K which is very big for a small dev like me. So I made an announcement for the Nintendo Switch release of Crumble:

Don't forget, 1 Wishlist gives you 1 Virtual non redeemable Crumble:


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