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Crumble Digest#07 + Release Date

As i'm nearing the end of crumble development i can already give you the expected release date of the game: December 04, 2020!

Release Date

Crumble will release on December 4th.

There is a possibility that the date might change in the future, but i'm confident I can make it.

The price will be 15$/€ with a 15% discount for the week of release and the Switch port will come out a few months later.

The development of crumble is not yet finished, some big chunks of levels are missing and I'm working hard on it every day and night to bring it closer to completion.

Overall Visuals

I am very pleased by the recent completion of all major visual aspects of Crumble. The demo only has few levels of the 2nd world which I call the mountain/forest world and I'm eager to let everyone play the other worlds in the full version.

Completing all of these new levels will be the last thing I will need to do before finishing Crumble.

Boss Content

The last month I have worked on implementing a boss for each worlds with varying mechanics.

In order: World 2 with a bunch of flying snakes that you will have to ride to your rocket,

World 4 in a stormy level where winds can push you off platforms or help you cross large gaps,

World 5 on the lava surface which is so hot it can crumble under you if you stay too long.

These special levels will challenge the skill and patience of the player, and are a treat for the most experienced.

I've worked on a new lava shader which can turn solid and liquid depending on the player's movement, I'm sure a lot of gamedevs following me would be interested in me sharing this kind of shader but it will have to wait until the end of Crumble production before I can share some gamedev insights.

I've skipped a lot of Crumble digests so if you're not aware I have released a new demo a few months ago including 4 levels, leaderboard system, infinite runner level and some general optimizations!

I received amazing feedbacks from the steam summer festival, a lot of people who played the early versions of the demo came back and enjoyed it a lot more this time around. There are still some features I need to tweak like adding a free mouse aiming for those on PC who would want to aim straight where they want to grapple.

Overall, I have a very good feeling about the release and the future reception of Crumble and I am looking ahead!

1 wishlist on Steam = 1 smile on my face


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