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Origin Story - Devblog#12

I wanted to expand on my tweets about my previous projects so here is the 12th devblog about my secret origin story!

In the beginning, Drawing years

I actually wanted to work on video games art after my 18 birthday and I didn't even know how to draw or anything. The only software that I knew back then was Blender and I wasn't really good at it.

So I went to Isart digital my first year then LISAA in paris for 3 other years.

The first 2 years I learned a lot about traditional drawing and art, I made a lot of progress.

You can visit my old portfolio website where I used to post my work: Portfolio

I have made quite a few drawings:

I did digital drawings too but I never had time to really get into it and I don't really like it either:

Learning Game Dev

Fast forward 2 years after that now I need to learn how to make video games using softwares. I learned more about Blender, 3Dsmax, Unity and Photoshop. By the end of my learning years I learned about scripting in C# which was easy for me because I already knew a bit about C and C++.

The first game that I made was with a group of 5 people including me and we had to do a 4 versus local players beats them up in 6 months. It was very intense for me even though it wasn't the final year I really gave everything into it trying to learn as much as I could.

I did a lot of drawing for it too!

Here is my 2nd year demo reel:

Last Year

The 3rd year I did a game jam with someone else, and we did this game in 1 week.

I still very much like this game and play it from time to time.

You can watch a full gameplay of it here:

Comparing this to the polish and physics of crumble:

For my final project I worked on a VR game with 5 other people. It's 4 people versus the guy in the VR who is the king of the castle trying to either defend his gold or himself in 2 different gameplay mode.

So I did all the scripting and fortified my understanding of C# and Unity with the implementation of VR. I had a lot of fun doing a bit of 3D modeling and 2D textures. I wish I had known more about shaders when I did this project because a lot of problem came from there.

And here is my final demo reel at the end of my year:

The bedroom project was a remake of an old project I did when I was younger:

The after

So after that I got an internship at Spinbot working on battle royal and

And during that time I participated in my first official online game jam, the 42th LDJAM and made Crumble in 72 hours! Which got amazing feedbacks and visibility.

Even after doing it I didn't think about making a real game out of it!

I made a second game jam 1 or 2 months later:

I'm still amazed we did it in 5 days and I couldn't even work on it all day because I had to go to work.

you can see a video of the full gameplay here:

Some months later and I've made a second LDJAM called Crom:

Now we're getting close to the present time, I went and started the Crumble project. I was determined to finish this game and sell it.

Few months ago I made a third entry for the LDJAM with "Sheep It"

And the full video if anyone has 13 minutes to spare:

And last but no least, last game jam that I've done is Avion. 2 days to make this and it was a blast, so much that I've decided to integrate the gameplay to a level in Crumble that will be in the new demo!

And the full video if anyone has 6 minutes:


And now I'm here, still working on Crumble and wondering what will I do next and what's after Crumble.

And if you really like what I do, you can wishlist it on Steam! A new demo is coming very soon, with new content!


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