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Brute Force - Snow & Ice Shader Documentation

10. Performance Tips

Tessellation Factor


Probably the biggest performance factor of the snow & ice shader is the tessellation factor of the snow.

You should keep the Tessellation Ice to 1 (which is equal to no tessellation)

For PC/Linux I recommend setting Tessellation Snow between 20 and 50 and for mobile/VR/AR you should stay below 20.

The performance hit is relative to the view distance between the snow and the camera.

Material Pragmas


Check or uncheck the features you don't need in the material, if you don't need Interactive effect you should disable "Use RT".

Disable Shadow Casting


You might not need the shadow casting feature of the mesh renderer in which case this could save you a good performance chunk. This is especially true for terrains which have a Double shadow casting enabled by default!

Decrease Render Textures Size


If you notice some fps drops when using the RT effects, then you might consider reducing the Render Texture size, by default the size value of the main RT is 4096 but you can scale it down to 2048 or even 1024 if you don't need high precision effects. The Additional RT is set to 1024 by default and is reasonably small enough:


Keep in mind that decreasing the RT size will also reduce effects definition, so you might want to also scale down the main RTCam Size value: 

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