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The ground asset has a special connection with my other assets, it can serve as a polished base for the grass, the snow or the sand assets. They will share interactive effects and vertex color properties.

Here are the steps to have both the ground asset and any other Brute Force assets on top:


1. Duplicate the ground mesh


Duplicate the ground you want to add another asset on, then rename it to something else.

Then assign the material and the copied gameobject.

2. Avoid Culling


You should then have something like the screen above with the ground doing z-fighting with the other asset, to fix this you only need to either set "Grass Cut" to 1 if you are using the grass shader or "Is Additive Snow/Sand" if you are using the snow or sand shaders.

3. Enjoy


That's it you're done! Enjoy interactive effects and seamless texturing.

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