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The Brute Force Ground Shader is a unique solution for general grounds and tilings such as soil or walls. It offers dynamic interactivity at minimal performance cost, create streams of water or footprints in wet grounds.

Works on PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch and any mobile devices.

Compatibility with Unity Standard and URP



-Mutlicompatibility: works on PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch/WebGl and mobile devices

-Simplicity: Drag and drop materials

-Interactivity: With a simple particle system you can create interactive effects like a trail on mouse/player position

-Water Effect: Based on the interactivity feature create water streaming effect flowing based on mesh normals, instantiate footprints or hit effects

-Tessellation: Custom tessellation based on camera distance

-Dynamic Custom Shadows: Sand featuring custom colored shadows and shadow casting

-Customization: Fully customizable look, render the ground with a single material

-Lights Support: 4x point lights and spot lights support (with shadow casting)

-Terrain: Use texture Splat Map to draw ground terrains, the asset features a compatibility tool to work with other terrain assets.

-VR Support: Works with Multi and Single Pass Stereo rendering

-Compatibility: Great Compatibility with my other assets

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