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The additive Sand feature is an experimental component that you can attach to any meshes to add procedural sand to them:


Sand Mat: The material to attach to the procedural mesh

Angle: The value controlling the procedural calculation of snow area, if IsAuto is disabled you can ignore this value. The higher the value the more faces that look in another direction than upward will have sand

IsAuto: Is the area covered by sand calculated procedurally based on original face normal, if this is set to false the calculation will take the original mesh vertex color to render the sand area so make sure to have painted you mesh before disabling this option

Use Intersection: Is the intersection feature being used, if you enable this pragma the additive mesh will raycast the nearest surface and automatically render a sand gradient on the mesh

Intersection Offset: The offset value of the intersection gradient

Use Updated Rotation: Does the additive mesh updates on rotation

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