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Brute Force - Sand Shader Documentation

11. FAQ & Troubleshooting

I opened the package scene and all I see is pink!


You opened the wrong scene, there is 2 variations of the Sand Shader: one for Unity Standard and one for URP.

Use the folders corresponding to your render pipeline:


I can't find the URP folders and when I import the package it says only v1.0

Contact me at with your unity asset store order and I will give it directly to you, chances are the unity package manager is forcing the wrong one on your unity version.

You can solve this issue without my help by installing any unity above 2019.4 and importing the package, then you can export the unity package in your projects.

I have shadow artefacts on Mobile URP

The problem comes from the URP pipeline itself, to get around this issue you need to set your shadow cascade count to 2 or more:


The sand looks so pale/bright in my project


Color differences may occur when you're not using the default unity color space depending on your Unity version and Render Pipeline, (Gamme for Built-in and Linear for URP)

Either change the rendering color space or simply tune the materials to look the way you want


The Particle Effect is visible in the editor or at runtime


If you want to not see the particle effect rendering inside the editor, you have to disable the same layer it's in by using the layers visibility option, here the layer used is TransparentFX:


And if you need to disable it's visibility inside the game window or on build you need to do the same for the camera culling masks of your main camera:


The mesh is invisible in the editor using URP


This is an annoying Unity bug that's been plaguing the latest version of Unity overall, some versions are just straight up cursed, for instance you could replace my shader with the most basic URP shader that is from the official Unity URP documentation and it still wouldn't work.

There is 2 solutions for this:

-The simplest one but it's not the best for the long run: set the render queue over every sand materials to more than 2501 like so:

And because my snow shader uses custom shadow technique you will still have shadows.


-The better solution is to switch to a better Unity version (every LTS below 2021.3.13 unity version are the best because they get frequent updates and are generally better supported by everyone), I use 2021.13 frequently and it's the most reliable.

2022.2 even though it's in beta doesn't seem to have this issue.

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