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The Brute Force Grass Shader let's you create amazing and lively grass for PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Same shaders are used in my game Crumble

Compatibility with Unity Standard and URP and HDRP



-Mutlicompatibility: works on PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch and mobile devices

-Simplicity: Drag and drop materials

-Optimization: Custom LoD distance fading per material

-Dynamic Custom Shadows: A grass that can both receive and cast shadows

-Interactivity: With a simple particle system you can create interactive effects like a trail on mouse/player position

-Customization: Fully customizable grass

-Lights Support: 4x point lights and spot lights support

-Terrain: Use texture Splat Map to draw grass, terrains for Mac and mobile are not yet supported, other terrain-type assets are not fully supported yet

-VR Support: Works with Multi and Single Pass Stereo rendering

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