Brute Force - Grass Shader Documentation

7. Terrain Feature


There is a template scene for terrain environment in the asset package (both built-in and URP) located here:


After you've set the right shader/material to your terrain get over the paint terrain tool in the terrain inspector:


To draw ground on the terrain use the "Ground" NewLayer01, the position in the terrain layers arrangement is very important, the first one SHOULD ALWAYS be the ground layer.

To draw grass on the terrain use the other 3 "Grass" layers, if you don't want/need 3 grass layers you can delete them via the "Edit Terrain Layers" button.

If you want to edit the layers to have custom grass or ground head over to the corresponding "NewLayer" in the asset project:


The first layer which should ALWAYS be the ground layer and only needs a ground diffuse texture to work, you can change "Specular" color to change the overall color of the ground.

The other layers are controlling the grass:

diffuse is the Grass Pattern,

normal map is the color,

specular color is the overall color of the grass,

Size.X is the Tiling size,

Size.Y is the grass thinness


Do not change the Tiling Offset from 1, this is used behind the scene for something else.

There is a Biplanar feature inside the terrain material properties that you can use to automatically draw ground on slope:


If you're having trouble setting up a terrain with the grass shader here's a step-by-step video to complement the information above: