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Brute Force - Grass Shader Documentation

8. Performance Tips

Number of Stacks


Probably the biggest performance factor of the grass shader is the number of layers you are using.

For PC/Linux I recommend using between 8 and 15 layers and for mobile/VR/AR you should stay below 6 layers.

The performance hit is relative to the view angle of the grass, the more you see of it the higher it will be.

Material Pragmas


Check or uncheck the features you don't need in the material, if you don't need Interactive effect you should disable "Use RenderTexture Effect" 

Fade Distance


If you don't care about rendering from afar you should set the Fade-Distance range lower so that the grass doesn't get unnecessarily rendered, the ideal range will change depending on your scene's metrics.

You can get a really nice boost in performance by using this feature appropriately.

Use the lite variant


Depending on your game style you should consider using the lite shader variant, it's the same shader I use on my game Crumble and it works flawlessly even on the Nintendo Switch at 60FPS

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